Large modular above the ground tank installed during a project in Cambridge, project ran by Weholite, a market leader company providing large diameter plastic pipes in UK, Large drainage pipes in UK of any pipe diameter you may need

Large Weholite Modular tank built as part of Cambridge sewage treatment upgrades

Newport based Asset International has just delivered the largest Weholite Modular tank ever built to Anglian Water’s Cambridge Water Recycling Centre, to form part of the inter-process pumping for the plant’s ongoing £21 million upgrade.

Ahead of the initiation of the AMP6 period in April 2015, Anglian Water is investing £21 million to increase the treatment capacity of the sewage treatment works in Cambridge.

Cambridge weholite Modular tankAsset International were commissioned by Anglian Water’s @one Alliance to deliver a Weholite Modular tank for the project, which would be utilised as a pumping chamber, in order to transfer sewage to the new treatment units.

The dimensions required on site meant that the size of the Weholite Modular tank was larger than anything that had been built before at the South Wales factory. At 15 metres long, 4.5 metres wide and 5 metres high, the tank has a capacity of approximately 340m3, which translates to 340,000 litres of sewage.

Weholite Modular

Once the Weholite Modular tank left South Wales it was installed on site in Cambridge by the following morning, an impressive feat of engineering that would have seen a similar project undertaken in concrete taking up to 13 weeks to install.

Speaking about the project, Shaun Kalies, Sales Director at Asset, commented; “Due to its sheer size a lot of complex design work went into the development of this Weholite Modular tank. We’re really proud of the finished result, which is a testament to the innovative practices we employ in every project that we undertake.”

Weholite Modular is a new product from Asset International which is more commonly associated with its large diameter plastic pipes. Weholite Modular can be used to construct CSO control chambers, pumping stations, flow control chambers, ventilation chambers, detention tanks and other strategic water management products.

Asset can customise the individual chambers according to customer specifications to include hatches, pipe supports, ladders and more, all the while taking into account traffic loads, groundwater pressure and soil loads.