Our history

A large drainage pipes project conducted by Weholite, a market leader company providing large diameter plastic pipes in UK, Large drainage pipes in UK of any pipe diameter you may need

Asset International started life in 1953 as the main European manufacturing base for Armco Construction Products and became famous for the W-section safety fence that can still be seen on motorways today. Armco also manufactured corrugated steel bolted structures known as Multiplate and spirally wound corrugated steel pipes.

In 1995 Asset acquired the UK license to manufacture and sell Weholite from KWH Pipe of Finland, one of the world’s most innovative plastic pipes companies. KWH Pipe (now trading as Uponor Infra) continues to heavily invest internally, allowing the company to manufacture state-of-the-art processing machinery. Asset is the world’s largest producer of Weholite.


1953 – Company established as Armco
1981 – Renamed Asset International
1995 – Secured licence for Weholite
1996 – Commissioned two production lines
1999 – Commissioned production line to produce 3000mm pipe
2004 – Rebranded as Water Management Solutions
2008 – Commissioned 3500 mm production line
2013 – Introduced Weholite Modular to the water industry
NOW – the UK’s leading manufacturer of large diameter plastic solutions