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A few words from some of our happy clients.

Scottish Water

Asset International supplied a Weholite storm water attenuation tank to help improve river and bathing water quality in Irvine and Kilmarnock, Scotland.

The £49million Scottish Water project at Meadowhead was commissioned to reduce overflow from combined sewers in Kilmarnock and Irvine spilling into the local river system. Asset provided a 10,000m³ attenuation tank and 300 metres of associated pipework in 2.1 metre nominal diameter.

Commenting on the choice of Weholite plastic tanks and pipes, Dominic Moynihan, project manager for MBV explained:

“A number of things directed us to Weholite. Firstly, the fact that it gave us a smooth invert without the need for further treatment. Secondly, Weholite offered an installation service, which meant that the same engineers who had manufactured the pipes were the ones installing them on site.”

Barratt Homes

Asset International supplied a Weholite storm water attenuation tank for a new Barratt housing development in Scarborough. The attenuation tank will provide storm water management for the new Springhill Meadows development, which will be home to 134 new properties.

Asset provided a a tank of 433 metres in length, utilising 2600mm diameter Weholite HDPE pipe to give a total storage capacity of 2300 cubic metres (approximately 2.3 million litres of water).

Speaking about the choice of Weholite plastic tanks and pipes, Brian Norton from Norcon Construction, who were the principle contractors on the project, commented:

“Whilst Barratt Homes were responsible for the specification of the Weholite pipes we were more than happy with their choice and the technical support received by ourselves. The main criteria was the co-ordination of deliveries to installation, given the overall layout was some 1750m2, we were able to converse freely with their Transportation Office to avoid the necessity of a large storage area.

“The pipes were laid at a depth of 4 – 5 metres plus and their strength was never in question and complied very favourably with their specification. The pipes were easily managed, transported on site and installed and we would have no hesitation in recommending Weholite for similar schemes.”

Taylor Wimpey housing

Asset International provided two 3.5m diameter Weholite pipe systems, designed as storm water attenuation tanks, for a new Taylor Wimpey housing development in Kent.

A Taylor Wimpy representative commented:

“Our Herne Bay development called for a bespoke implementation due to space restrictions on site. As Weholite pipes are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, they could be easily offloaded from the lorry and placed directly into the trench, which also removed a number of health and safety issues and saved a considerable amount of time.

“Asset’s ability to create a custom drainage solution to our exact specifications was highly impressive. The team were reliable, fast and efficient and the project was a complete success due to their professionalism and drainage expertise.”

Redrow Homes

Asset International supplied over 300 meters of 3000mm Weholite large diameter pipe, complete with manholes and control chambers for a new Redrow Homes housing development in South Wales.

A Brandwells Construction representative commented:

“Due to the size of the development a large amount of storage was required, with limited space available. By using 3000mm diameter Weholite tanks, a narrow section of public open space were utilised creating over 2000m3 of storm water storage.

“Weholite was lighter and faster to install and required less bedding materials and installation machinery, bringing significant cost savings and health and safety benefits to the project.”

Persimmon housing, Exeter

Asset supplied 75 soakaway systems for a new Persimmon housing development in Exeter, in order to consistently manage the site’s water infiltration.

Robin Milliner from CJL Construction commented:

“Weholite was the ideal choice of pipe for our soakaway systems at the Topsham Road site due to it being lightweight and fast to install. We pride ourselves on building housing developments that are well protected against the elements and Asset has played a vital part in making this possible.”


Asset provided REHAU with approximately 200metres of 1,050mm diameter Weholite header pipe work and round to rectangular box conversions for a ground air heat exchanger for an extension building at Leicester University.

Steve Richmond, Business Team Manager for Renewable Energy at REHAU said:

“Connecting our innovative AWADUKT Thermo antimicrobial pipe system to a Weholite header pipe system offers clients a high-performance ground-air heat exchanger solution. Due to the project specific nature of the product, working closely with Asset allows us to fabricate a unique solution. REHAU’s bespoke calculation software was used to estimate the potential energy savings from the 32,400m³/h system.”

Petron Bataan Refinery

The Petron Bataan Refinery (PBR) in the Philippines chose Weholite, the high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, to complete its cooling water intake and outfall pipelines.

Pablo Ramón, Project Services Site Manager at Uponor Infra, commented:

“This complex marine project was well suited to Weholite for a number of reasons, as it eliminated the need for heavy concrete collars to ballast the strings which can often be extremely risky during the submersion process. The filling of its hollow profile with an inexpensive and pumpable material such as limestone is much faster and easier to carry out.

“The submarine installation of Weholite is also faster than that of steel pipes, so much so that you can even install up to 150 linear metres in just one day. Since Weholite doesn’t require any concrete collars, the contractors were able to use a smaller trench, therefore minimising the dredging operation. This reduced volume excavations means lots of savings as the cost of any work under water is much higher than on dry land.”

Pendennis shipyard

Asset was recently involved in the production of giant blowers to help dry the hulls of superyachts at the refitted Pendennis ship yard in Falmouth. Asset International supplied a large network of underground pipes in order to service an air tight duct, designed to carry air from the plant room to vast blowers within the workshop. Asset supplied 750 metres of 1350mm diameter Weholite, along with prefabricated access shafts.

Andy Mansell, Quantity Surveyor for SCB Groundworks, commented:

“After looking at several different options, Weholite proved to be the most suitable solution and offered both programming and economical advantages”.