Here you can watch all our latest videos to see some of our pipes at work as well as access a gallery of photographs of projects we have worked on.

Weholite Modular

Weholite Modular is a new product, which can be used to construct CSO control chambers, pumping stations, flow control chambers, ventilation chambers, detention tanks and other strategic water management products.
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Marine and Turnkey projects

Asset International offers marine applications such as outfalls, intakes and water crossings. The pipes can be delivered in long lengths, welded on site and then sunk.
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Housing sector & SUDS

Asset works with housing developers, designers, contractors and local authorities across the UK in order to design effective water management solutions to protect homes, buildings and land from floodwater, and provide innovative drainage options and sewage control methods for communities, both large and small.
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Water industry & AMP

Asset has worked with all of the UK’s major water companies on water management projects, including sewage treatment works upgrades, sewerage network improvements, flood defence infrastructure and water quality improvement projects.
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Renewable energy

As well as its involvement in the water management industry, Asset International also operates within the renewable energy sector, principally in three main areas: Hydroelectric, Anaerobic Digestion (AD) or biogas and Air Vent Systems.
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