Weholite product overview

As a viable alternative to traditional materials such as concrete pipes, Weholite is a large diameter gravity/low pressure structured wall pipe made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin. With Weholite, raw material properties have been combined with advanced product technology to create a lightweight engineered pipe with superior loading capacity.

How is Weholite used?

Weholite large diameter plastic pipe products are used to convey liquids or air, below ground level, above ground or under water in gravity applications underwater and gravity applications. Large diameter plastic pipe can be joined in a variety of ways from the non-watertight plastic band to the 100% watertight Teekay mechanical coupler or hand extrusion weld, to the full penetration machine weld for marine applications.

Standard Weholite can be used at a continuous operating pressure of 1 bar, with LP Weholite suitable for pressures up to 2 bars. For specific applications please contact us for more information.

Asset Weholite provides all the technical advantages of polyethylene solid wall pipes, but the substantial savings in weight and ease of installation offers lower overall installed costs than traditional materials.

Applications include:

  • Storm water attenuation tanks
  • Culverts
  • CSO attenuation tanks
  • Cooling water intakes
  • Manholes
  • Pumping chambers
  • CSO control chambers
  • Marine outfall
  • Ventilation pipes and chambers
  • Surface drainage
  • Inter-process pipework
  • Foul sewers
  • Ground air heat exchanger
  • Anaerobic digestion chambers
  • Rainwater harvesting tanks

Weholite large diameter plastic pipes are designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with National and International standards such as BS EN 1295, BS EN 13476 and WIS 4-35-01.

For more Weholite applications click the category links above right for our five major product areas which will give you the information you need to know to understand how Weholite can be used for your project.

Would you like to see a range of Weholite pipes by size? Download this pdf.

Asset Weholite is a Kitemarked product, license number KM 560128, which is backed up with a quality management system to BS EN ISO 9000 : 2008, Certificate No. FM 12306.

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DWI Regulation 31 Reference number DWI 56.4.513 “Approved for use in public water supplies”