Weholite in the housing sector and SUDS

HDPE plastic pipes product offered by Weholite a market leader company providing large diameter plastic pipes in UK, Large drainage pipes in UK of any pipe diameter you may need
Weholite HDPE pipes are at the forefront of technological innovation and development. The core competencies within our business, such as production and fabrication, transport, design and installation, give us a strong competitive advantage over traditional materials.

Asset offers a comprehensive design service. This is inclusive of structural calculations in accordance with BS EN 1295–1: 1998, “Structural design of buried pipelines under various conditions of loading.”

Asset also offers flotation calculations combined with advanced finite element analysis results, in order to visualise the behaviour of the pipe under buried conditions. Furthermore, Asset offers extensive site and after sales support.

Asset works with housing developers, designers, contractors and local authorities across the UK in order to design effective water management solutions to protect homes, buildings and land from floodwater, and provide innovative drainage options and sewage control methods for communities, both large and small.

Major housing brands including Redrow, Persimmon, Barratt and Taylor Wimpey all use Weholite designs in their water management systems, in order to ensure the safety and longevity of their developments across the UK.  Using its comprehensive design service, Asset produces Weholite systems that are adoptable across the whole of the UK in section 104 projects.

Much of the work Asset International does in the housing sector is to provide flood defences to housing developments in the form of storm water attenuation tanks, pumping stations, soakaways and flood relief culverts all of which come into effect in the event of heavy rainfall overwhelming every day drainage infrastructure.

In more recent years SuDS (sustainable urban drainage solutions) have come to the fore. Sustainable drainage is a departure from more traditional approaches to draining sites. SuDS aim to mimic natural drainage by:

  • Storing runoff and releasing it slowly into the ground (attenuation)
  • Allowing water to effectively soak into the ground (infiltration)
  • Slowly transporting (conveying) water on the surface
  • Filtering out pollutants

As well as designing innovative water management solutions within the housing sector, Weholite products are used across the whole construction industry for water management infrastructure. Weholite has been utilised on major surface water drainage projects including the M25 widening, Airbus Factory extensions, Network Rail improvements, Schools building programme and Energy from Waste projects.

Applications include:

  • Online attenuation
  • Offline attenuation
  • Multi-leg storage
  • CSO storage
  • DWF channel
  • Manholes
  • Catchpits
  • Storm water run off
  • Flow control chambers with pre-fitted
  • Pumping stations and overflow storage
  • Soakaways
  • Culverts
  • Sewer relining
  • Site Services

Latest Weholite housing sector and SUDS projects:

Greater Manchester Project

Asset International Ltd, the UK’s leading water management solutions company, has provided residential developer, Taylor Wimpey, with a storm water attenuation tank for its new Kings Grange housing development in Audenshaw, Greater Manchester.
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Redrow homes benefits from drainage engineering expertise

A bespoke drainage solution provided by Asset International (Asset), the leading manufacturer of Weholite HDPE plastic sustainable drainage and water management products, is set to help developer, Redrow Homes protect its new housing development in South Wales.
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Asset supplies SUDS defences to South West property development

Asset International Ltd (Asset), the UK’s leading water management solutions company, has provided CJL Construction with specified soakaway systems for the new Persimmon Homes Greenacres development in Exeter.
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Weholite and Barratt working together on a housing project

Asset International has supplied a Weholite storm water attenuation tank in order to facilitate effective water management at a new Barratt housing development in the north of England.
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