Packaged Pumping Stations

Packaged Pumping Stations

New Government legislation, which came into force on October 1st 2016, means that water companies will now be responsible for all private pumping stations. Therefore, all new build pumping stations must comply with criteria and specifications in order to be adopted by the relevant sewerage company.

Asset International Ltd, has formed a strategic alliance with the market leader in sewage and surface water pumping systems, PDAS (Pump Design and Services), to develop modular solutions designed specifically for the housing sector.

Using the latest off-site manufacturing methods to produce Weholite pump and valve chamber configurations and private packaged pumping stations, the partnership combines PDAS’ pump design expertise with Asset’s fully automated manufacturing process and the associated benefits of Weholite.

The partnership has been established in response to the Government’s plan to transfer ownership of private drains and sewers to water companies. The solutions will help house builders and developers provide more reliable solutions that will be ready for adoption by the water companies.

Weholite’s modular solutions offer customers the benefits of off-site manufacturing and assembly which is ideal for the housing market, ensuring wet well and valve chamber structures are fully compliant with pre-determined design parameters. In addition to enabling significant savings from a more streamlined installation process and reductions in the construction materials used, the off-site manufacturing process also eliminates the need for confined space entry to complete the works.

In addition to this, a factory-fitted HDPE benching arrangement provides the pumps with an ideal operating environment, reducing the potential for blockages and improving long-term reliability and design life of the pumping station.

PDAS is the market leader in pump solutions so they are a natural fit with Asset.

Asset already work closely with a large percentage of water authorities and house builders so they are familiar with Weholite and the value it brings.


Manufacturing off-site brings a range of benefits, including safety. By eliminating the need for on-site contractors to have to re-enter the chamber to install the benching not only are the health and safety risks significantly reduced, so is the margin for error.

In addition to the pumping systems, Asset has worked with PDAS to develop a range of Weholite HDPE Air-Valve and Wash-Out packaged manhole systems to improve the reliable operation of pumping systems with long and undulating rising mains.
These systems are manufactured to varying depths and fully assembled in the factory with all the internal pipework and valves. The modular system simplifies the installation process, reducing overall cost whilst ensuring each air-valve and wash-out assembly is functioning correctly.

The partnership between PDAS and Asset provides the housing market with a new, innovative solution in particular for sewers for adoption pumping stations. This gives property developers and water companies real benefits when it comes to reducing the overall capital cost of construction and installation of the pumping station itself as well as contributing to significant improvements in the reliability of the system with the corresponding reductions in operational running costs.

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