Weholite in the water industry and AMP

Image of a large darinage pipe installed by Weholite, a market leader company providing large diameter plastic pipes in UK, Large drainage pipes in UK of any pipe diameter you may need

In the 25 years since the water industry in England and Wales was privatised, the UK’s water companies have spent more than £100bn upgrading the UK’s often antiquated Victorian water and sewerage networks, resulting in hugely improved water quality.

During that time the main emphasis has been on addressing legislative requirements. With the majority of that work now complete, the industry is shifting its focus, with an emphasis on encouraging companies to take a far less prescriptive approach, moving away from ‘output-based requirements’ and towards ‘outcome-based requirements’.

Essentially, Ofwat wants the industry to take account of the whole life costs of their assets. This represents a major change in philosophy from totex to capex.

The new AMP cycle in the water industry

The new AMP 6 programme, which commences in 2015, following the conclusion of the £22bn AMP 5 project, will drive water industry investment for the next five to ten years.

During this new AMP period, there will be major capital investment in water industry projects across the UK, including sewage treatment works upgrades, sewerage network improvements, flood defence infrastructure and water quality improvement projects.

Asset has worked with all of the UKs major water companies on water management projects, and has been at the forefront of innovative designs and carbon reduction initiatives.

Weholite HDPE pipes are at the forefront of technological innovation and development. The core competencies within our business, such as production and fabrication, transport, design and installation, give us a strong competitive advantage over traditional materials.

As well as a comprehensive, industry leading design service, Asset International offers the water industry the following product applications:

Flood alleviation

Applications include:

  • Online attenuation
  • Offline attenuation
  • Multi-leg storage
  • CSO storage
  • DWF channel
  • Storm water run off
  • Liquor tanks
  • Pumping stations and overflow storage
  • Waste water tanks
  • Sewer relining

Waste water and sewage treatment plants

Applications include:

  • Inter process pipework
  • Wall couplers
  • Valve chambers
  • Flow metre chambers
  • Draw pits
  • Outfall pipelines
  • Intake pipelines
  • Above ground pipelines
  • Sludge tanks
  • Backwash chambers
  • RAS pipework
  • FST pipework
  • Separator chambers
  • Flange connections

Drinking water treatment plants and chlorine contact tanks

Applications include:

  • Inter process pipework
  • Wall couplers
  • Valve chambers
  • Flow metre chambers
  • Draw pits
  • Contact tanks
  • Balance tanks
  • Wash tanks
  • Portable water tanks
  • Backwash chambers
  • Above ground pipework
  • Aeration tanks
  • Bell mouths
  • Internal tank landing platforms
  • Flange connectors

Latest Weholite water industry projects:

Large Weholite Modular tank built as part of Cambridge sewage treatment upgrades

Newport based Asset International has just delivered the largest Weholite Modular tank ever built to Anglian Water’s Cambridge Water Recycling Centre, to form part of the inter-process pumping for the plant’s ongoing £21 million upgrade.
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Weholite used in one of the UK’s largest sewerage treatment works

Asset International Ltd. (Asset), the leading manufacturer of Weholite sustainable drainage and water management products, has been elected to provide a bespoke pipeline system to the £220 million pound upgrade at the UK’s second largest sewerage treatment works.
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Weholite plays crucial role for Thames Water

Asset International has been chosen to provide extensive pipe work for the new £190 million upgrade at Beckton Sewage Treatment Works in east London, to help clean up the River Thames.
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New storm water drainage systems in Kilmarnock

Leading water management solutions company, Asset International ltd (Asset), in partnership with KWH Pipe UK Ltd, has supplied a Weholite storm water attenuation tank to help improve river and bathing water quality in Irvine and Kilmarnock, Scotland.
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Weholite water industry gallery: