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Modular water pipes by Weholite, a market leader company providing large diameter plastic pipes in UK, Large drainage pipes in UK of any pipe diameter you may need

In water management projects there are occasions where rectangular chambers are necessary. Traditionally these have been constructed using reinforced concrete, but many water authorities are now encouraging the use of bespoke, factory built, modular chambers for speed of completion and ecological reasons.

Weholite Modular is a new product, which can be used to construct CSO control chambers, pumping stations, flow control chambers, ventilation chambers, detention tanks and other strategic water management products.

Weholite Modular offers the same versatility, longevity, eco-friendly qualities and value engineering as Asset International’s renowned Weholite pipes and can be used above or below ground.

How can Weholite Modular work for you?

It is the first flat-panelled product application from the UK’s leading water management solutions provider, Asset International Limited, and is at the forefront of water industry innovation and development. The core competencies within our business, such as production and fabrication, transport, design and installation, give Weholite Modular a strong competitive advantage over traditional materials.

Asset creates value by customising the individual chambers according to customer specifications to include weir walls, benching, hatches, pipe supports, ladders and more, all the while taking into account traffic loads, groundwater pressure and soil loads.

Weholite Modular is designed to unique customer specifications, using state of the art 3D FEA software. It is manufactured and installed in accordance with national and international standards.

Speed and economy of modular installation together with factory built product quality and durability has been recognised in both the water and construction sectors as the preferred solution, making Weholite Modular an obvious choice for water companies, designers and contractors.

As with all Asset products the Weholite Modular chambers arrive on site from the factory as pre-fabricated ready-to-install solutions. However, if site logistics dictate, Weholite Modular can be supplied in flat pack, kit form, and erected on site by our self-sufficient site teams.

Weholite Modular provides countless project benefits in terms of reductions in programme, risk, waste and for improving site safety over traditional reinforced concrete construction.

Weholite Modular can contribute significantly towards the greener objective. Looking closely at all stages of the process, including production and transportation as well as installation; the carbon footprint of Weholite Modular is significantly lower than traditional materials, in particular concrete.

Weholite Modular applications include:

  • Ground air heat exchangers
  • Anaerobic digestion vessels
  • Geo-thermal chambers
  • Above and below ground rain water harvesting tanks
  • Intake structures
  • Modular Boxes
  • CSO control chambers
  • Pumping stations
  • Flow control chambers
  • Ventilation chambers

Latest Weholite Modular projects:

Cambridge sewage treatment upgrades

Newport based Asset International has just delivered the largest Weholite Modular tank ever built to Anglian Water’s Cambridge Water Recycling Centre, to form part of the inter-process pumping for the plant’s ongoing £21 million upgrade.
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It’s hip to be square

Asset International Ltd has invested in a new machine that will enable them to produce our trademark Weholite large diameter HDPE pipes as flat panels.
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