Weholite awarded gold standard status for eco credentials

Achieving the Carbon Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS) Gold Standard is a prestigious eco-accolade; one we’re pleased and proud to announce Asset International had just been awarded.

We’ve long been committed to managing and reducing emissions, and have received third party certification from CEMARS for the past six years. The steps we have taken to now achieve the Gold Standard accreditation include adhering to specific requirements for the design, development, and management of our greenhouse gas emissions.

CEMARS, which is aligned with the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol, allows large organisations or large emitting industries to measure their greenhouse gas emissions, to put in place plans to reduce them, and have these steps independently certified.

The certification is ISO accredited from the Achilles carbon reduction programme, and by attaining it, Asset has received recognition of our ongoing commitment to managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through methods which are systematic, comprehensive, and genuine.

Energy is one of the biggest resource areas in the manufacturing industry, and it takes a real commitment and genuine buy-in from across our entire workforce to reduce outputs across our entire operation, including our supply chains.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Weholite now uses more efficient tools, lighting, and compressed air. New, more energy-efficient technologies have been introduced to reduce reliance on powered hand tools and, since 2013, our factory in Newport, South Wales has been home to one of Wales’ largest rooftop solar panel systems. The solar panels generate 220,000 Kilowatt Hours of electricity, and contribute to saving around 126 tons of CO2 each year, offsetting up to 10% of the factory’s annual electricity usage. Overall, emissions have been reduced by 2.5% year-on-year since 2012.

Vasilios Samaras, technical director of Weholite said: “We have an ongoing commitment to continually make each part of our business operation more sustainable. We lead from the front and believe by striving to improve greenhouse gas emissions and setting ambitious targets, we’re having a real, positive impact on the industry as a whole. “Having received third party certification from CEMARS for the last six years, our organisation has proved time and again that our long-term commitment to carbon reductions is here to stay. We have continued to be commended externally for our efforts in this endeavour and attaining the Gold Standard reinforces our dedication to this important cause.

“We plan to continue to lead industry efforts to manage and reduce emissions and operate in a sustainable way and in an energy efficient environment.”