Weholite Manholes - Making the Jump to Light Speed

As we all know by now, offsite build and modular technology is very much en vogue. Claims such as ‘unrivalled,’ ‘cost effective’ and ‘superior’ follow these products around almost like a jet wash trailing behind an RAF Tornado.

If we look closely at the benefits of the new precast concrete bases for example, we can see that manufacturers have wedged themselves between a rock and a hard place – no pun intended – by insinuating that none of purported merits are available with traditional concrete manholes. A difficult situation for sure.

There is also an industry mindset to overcome. That is, the immediate decision that gets made, when buyers realise that modular products generally cost more upfront. “I’m sticking with the status quo.”

So, how best to communicate the cost savings of sound value engineering? How best to make the industry realise that there are truly revolutionary bespoke products, delivered in quick time, that can be installed and connected in minutes? How best to highlight the features of factory built quality, that has been designed and tested and is manufactured offsite using the latest available technology anywhere in the World?

The contractors did the maths themselves. No concrete surround, no rocker pipes and manholes ready to use immediately would mean a massive saving in programme time. In the case of this project, a 50 day programme would become thirty days.

The results speak for themselves;

Structural bases designed for high ground water pressure.

Components manufactured using the latest industry technology.

Bespoke manholes produced with robotic precision.

Fully benched with bright yellow anti-slip HDPE flooring.

Fully integrated design, engineering and automated manufacturing ensure bespoke manholes are ready for delivery in quick time.

On this project in East Anglia, the developer and the contractor will get a 40%, yes forty percent, saving on programme time. Houses built earlier, contractors offsite quicker. However, here is the real added benefit, it’s not even hidden, the one that decision makers within buying departments have to realise and accept. Let’s go back to East Anglia. This contractor will be able to do 20 days more work in a year. That’s an extra month of earning potential for the contractor. That means growth.

Here’s an advertising strap line for you;

“Work thirteen months a year with Weholite.” • Minimum 30% Saving on programme • No concrete surround • Fully air tested and 100% watertight • No rocker pipes • Manholes ready to use immediately • Fully tested lifting points • Totally resistant to Hydrogen Sulphide • Lighter plant and less labour needed • HDPE has the best abrasion resistance • Special anti-slip benching factory fitted • Better flow properties • Very low maintenance • Get off site quicker and grow your business