The design and manufacture of storm water attenuation and CSO flood alleviation forms the bedrock of the Asset business. Having spent more than two decades engineering value and influencing the thinking in this sector, we have earned the right to consider ourselves to be pioneers and indeed leaders in this field.

Our solutions

Our solutions are supplied across all sectors. These systems, designed for both online and offline situations, have been utilised by most of the major developers and adopted by all of the UK water authorities*.

Weholite is at the forefront of technological innovation and development. The core competencies within our business, such as production and fabrication, transport, design and installation, give us a strong competitive advantage over other materials.

Much of the work Asset International does is in the housing sector and provides safe water management to housing developments in the form of storm water attenuation tanks, pumping stations, soakaways and flood relief culverts all of which come into effect in the event of heavy rainfall entering every day drainage infrastructure.

Using the current edition of both Sewers for Adoption and the Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry (CESWI) as the guideline documents for this sector, we are more than comfortable collaborating with developers, consultant engineers and installers to ensure that projects can be approved under sections 104, 106 and 38 with both water companies and local authorities.

*All UK Water Companies have differing specifications and requirements. Please contact Asset International Limited for specific advice.

Individual requirements of water companies are always taken into account during the design and approvals process to ensure conformity. Furthermore, Asset offers extensive site and after sales support. As well as designing innovative water management solutions within the housing sector, Weholite products are used across the whole construction industry, including the Water Industry Capital Investment Programme (AMP), for water management infrastructure.

Weholite has been utilised on major surface water drainage projects including the M25 widening, Airbus Factory extensions, Network Rail improvements, Schools building programme, energy from waste projects and CSO flood alleviation for properties on the DG5 register. 

Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions

In more recent years SuDS (sustainable urban drainage solutions) have come to the fore. Sustainable drainage is a departure from more traditional approaches to managing water. SuDS aims to mimic natural drainage by use of attenuation, infiltration, conveying whilst at the same time filtering out pollutants.

Sustainable solutions are important and should be encouraged wherever possible, but the fact of the matter is that SUDS alone will simply not be enough to protect the UK from future flood damage. Without engineered solutions, a natural SUDS project would be entirely powerless to stop extensive damage.

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