Flow Control Chambers

I hope you will have grasped by now, that this treasure of ours, this pearl of a product, this Weholite has the potential to be transformed into a myriad of different solutions that contribute to what can only be described as progress. Here are two different types, although there are many more.

A number of years ago, we were awarded a patent for developing a pipe based combined sewer overflow (CSO) control chamber that has the potential to drastically cut on-site construction costs of traditional CSO chambers. To achieve this, we worked in conjunction with Morrison Construction Services Ltd and Hyder Consulting to develop the chamber, which is designed to answer CSO engineering requirements.

More recently, we have been able to offer a similar system in rectangular form using Weholite Modular, which means the potential of an even better value offering. The lightweight nature of our design dramatically reduces installation time not only resulting in a lower health and safety risk for onsite personnel, but also minimal disruption to local communities and the environment.

We can manufacture and deliver the chambers rapidly and to exact specifications. The use of Weholite lends itself to bespoke engineering designs therefore reducing the need for site built solutions that have long programme times. The fast installation time of the factory-built chamber means projects will see direct results in time and cost savings and an improvement in quality.

Across the UK, only Weholite can offer such innovative chamber systems in HDPE, that do not need concrete inside or outside to provide structural integrity.

Weholite flow control chambers are available in diameters up to 3.5m internal and come with a structural base for groundwater pressure resistance and a Weholite Modular weir wall that does not need the added cost of concrete to reinforce it.

The chambers are totally prefabricated at our plant in Newport, South Wales and are delivered ready to install with factory fitted flow control devices. Any type of flow control device can be utilised and fitted into Weholite Control Chambers. All chambers are air tested to prove integrity.

The chambers can be utilised as part of a Weholite Attenuation System, attached to a small diameter surface water/sewerage or integrated as a flow control chamber for modular attenuation cells or any other type of system.

We can offer many different types of chambers; the only limitation is that we haven’t thought of them yet.


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